Harvest Kids Now Ministry Curriculum

Offering a complete package of children’s ministry programming

Affordably priced as low as $13.23/weekend
Includes Vertical Church Band Worship with motions
Detailed Volunteer Training Playbook plus videos

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Every ministry is looking for biblically-centered curriculum designed with a perfect balance of content and application, that is reverent but fun, and saturated with obedience but with a true heart change. We’ve designed exactly that and then tested the programming in our ministry so you can spend your week developing volunteers and pouring into families. Centered on the Gospel and the Word of God, each series, and all you need, is delivered on a USB flash drive. Join the Blue, Orange, or Green team and begin transforming your children’s ministry right now.

Harvest Kids Now is happy to customize a plan for your ministry

Jennifer Abbatacola
Director Of Children’s Ministry

Chronological Children’s Curriculum

(From Creation through Paul)

Christian School Chapel Curriculum