The Playbook [Volunteer Training Saturation]

The Playbook [Volunteer Training Saturation]


All the way over here in Chicago I can see the glazed over look in your eyes when I say the word Playbook. Yes, that beautiful document that gives you exactly what you need to know: WHY we created a programming element and WHAT makes it successful. Isn’t it a good feeling to know there is one place you can go to find all your answers? Isn’t it a good feeling to know you are using a programming tool that has every minute intentionally scheduled?

Everything you need to know about each element is listed in the Playbook; first by preschool, then grade school. At the back you will find upfront host training and purposeful play details.

How to use the Playbook:
1. Read it, but understand you won’t remember everything.
2. Choose two elements you want to work on in both age groups – one in large group time and one in application stations.
3. Copy and paste those elements into emails and to the front of the Tool. Print them on 11x17s and post them in classrooms. Do a verbal reminder in the volunteer huddle. The next month, pick two more elements.
4. In about a year you will have to do it all again. Sorry. It’s the law of thermodynamics.

Again, here are editable PDFs of my formal training documents called Quick Train. I explained how to use Quick Trains last week in my May 15 post. Check each blog in this series for new downloadable, free training.

Quick Train:
Preschool Classroom Team Leaders
Grade School Classroom Team Leaders