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Lead your children’s ministry through eight series in 52 weeks discipling children and volunteers through who God is (content) and what that means to them (application). For the first year to 95Network partners, we are offering these eight time-tested series. You choose when you want to share them.


Lead your children’s ministry through eight series in 52 weeks discipling children and volunteers through who God is (content) and what that means to them (application). For the first year to 95Network partners, we are offering these eight time-tested series. You choose when you want to share them.

God Wrote a Book for Kids

Grade school will learn about two boys – Timothy and Jack. Maybe they’re like Timothy – quiet but confident. Or maybe they’re more like Jack – loud but insecure. Even if they aren’t like either of them, I bet they know people like them and wish they could be a better friend to them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell others that you believe the Bible is true. This teaching will help them do that.
Preschool children will learn about a little girl named Amanda but her family calls her Panda. Maybe they’re like Panda and sometimes feel a little lost. This story will help them believe the Bible is true and God is never too busy for them – or anyone.

God is Gospel

This is a 5-for-1 special! It really takes five words to get a clear understanding of just how good the Good News of Jesus Christ is: God, sin, substitution, believe, and life. Take your kids through life-change lessons that go beyond what words mean to the personal application of what they mean to Bonus: When you really understand the Gospel, you can’t wait to share it with others.

Messy Work

God has messy work for us to do. Through the story of the Fisherman, the Parable of the House, the story of the Housekeeper, the story of the messenger found in the book of Jonah, the story of one Righteous Man found in Genesis 6, the story of the Queen found in Esther, the Story of the Shepherd and finally the Parable of the heart – that’s eight stories – learn the truth about the Christian life. There is blessing in obedience but the Christian life is messy. Kids are taught ten words based on the memory work from Philippians 2:12-16 (ESV)

Old Man Walter Found His Heart

Here’s a first world problem for you. “What do we do with our stuff?” Or the more conventional way to phrase it is “What do we do what with the Lord entrusts to us?” It’s a question we should be asking ourselves as adults the more grow in our walk with the Lord and the closer we get to meeting the Lord as the calendar somehow doesn’t seem stop. You probably feel the same way. But sometimes, we just don’t know what to do with our stuff and sometimes we don’t even know where to begin … or understand how truly simple it is to just give our Talent, Time, Treasure and Testimony.

Ordinary Kids

Take your ministry through one of the most detailed biographical accounts of the life of Joseph, the son of Jacob, found in the book of Genesis. This series shows God as the hero and the one who makes us extraordinary. Ordinary Kids offers everyone a vision for their future where God can use them in the smallest way to make an impact on the world.

God is Peace (Christmas)

We love the Christmas Story … but it’s really hard to tell to children! Have you contemplated the details of the Christmas Story? Mary is a virgin who becomes pregnant through the miracle of the Holy Spirit. Joseph could have divorced or killed her under Jewish law. Herod killed hundreds of baby boys. Mary gives birth in a stable.

We agonized over the details of the story and how to communicate the spirit and word of the events that created the birth of Jesus Christ. We used the Old and New Testament Scriptures. We wrote and rewrote. We tried to say things with tender care for little ears, and yet keep the intensity of the moment. We don’t want the mature parts of this story to prevent anyone, any age, from taking the journey from the manger to the cross of Jesus Christ this month. There is fruit to bear in each of our lives as we work through the details of the Christmas Story. In this story we see real human beings who experienced God’s peace through the events of 2000 years ago.

God is Savior

(Easter and Resurrection Sunday falls on the third week of this series)
What is Easter really all about? This is it: Jesus died and then rose after three days, and everything changed! He’s the One who saves us! Through this four-week series, your ministry will learn 16 events that happened in 48 days from “Palm Sunday” through the Ascension. There are motions for each event, not only so that you can remember the facts about how God changed the world in 48 days, but also for you to know how God can change you too – that you would have life in His name.


God is “Supernatural”: He can do anything! Explore the miracles of Jesus from the New Testament. Jesus did unexplainable, supernatural things and we don’t even know the half of it! Yet the greatest miracle He ever does is to forgive our sin. Your children and volunteers will understand the steps of repentance before God and before others. Learning how to tell God you are sorry helps children grow past guilt (which is a healthy emotion) and into freedom. Learning how to tell others you are sorry creates the foundation for healthy relationships that are desperately needed as children grow into adolescences and towards adulthood.

Grade School 50 minute Press Play Video sample schedule

  • Pre-service Walk in Music/Queue
  • 2 Minute Countdown
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse Activity
  • Game Time
  • Bookmark Bibles
  • Video Skit (showing us who God is not)
  • Word Transition
  • Countdown to Worship
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words)
  • Scripture Animation Video
  • Story of the Week Video
  • What’s Happening?/Closing

Preschool 25 Minute Press Play Interactive Video

  • Walk in Music
  • Stretch/Game Time
  • Story Room Song
  • Story Bumper
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse
  • 10 Second Countdown
  • Scripture Animation
  • Story Time (live story teller using specific story points)
  • Closing Application
  • Word Transition
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words)
  • Dismissal (end graphic) 1:30

Worship with Vertical Church Band

  • Adapted for preschool plus a few additional songs
  • Worship motions provided with a secret link
  • Three song set list embedded into press play file

Volunteer Playbook

  • Preparing for Ministry
  • Ideologies of Biblical Children’s Minisitry
  • Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Schedules
  • How to Use the ME Tool
  • General Preschool Ministry
  • Preschool Story Room
  • Preschool Application Stations
  • General Grade School Ministry
  • Grade School Application Stations
  • How to Deliver a Successful Grade School Large Group
  • How to Develop a Purposeful Play System

Samples of Ministry Experience Tool and Take-home Devotionals

Click on the words below to get a small sample of how we use a simple word to teach children the character of God
  • God Wrote a Book for Kids
  • God is Gospel
  • Messy Work
  • Old Man Walter Found His Heart
  • Ordinary Kids
  • God is Peace
  • God is Savior
  • Supernatural

*This product is tailored for a specific year and is designed for a one time use.

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