Harvest Kids Now Worship



We believe worship through music is lifting high the name of Jesus. Our system invites children to worship and draws their hearts upwards as Jesus’ name is lifted high every weekend. Our worship choices are adapted from Vertical Worship Band and a few of Harvest Kids’ privately written selections for preschool based on Scripture. Each song includes motions found through an online link and a Propresenter file. We do not include motions embedded into the Propresenter file.  We feel through experience and testing that students leading children in worship is highly effective. Also included is a graphic file for t-shirts so your team looks spiffy and ready to lead.

Grade School

  • All Glory
  • Found in You
  • He Has Won
  • I Will Follow
  • Jailbreak
  • Light Shine in
  • Only Jesus Can
  • Open up the Heavens
  • Rock Won’t Move
  • Strong God
  • Strong to Save
  • Thank You Jesus for the Cross