Blue Year One 2017


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Launch your ministry year with “Supernatural”. He can do anything! Explore the miracles of Jesus from the New Testament. Jesus did unexplainable, supernatural things and we don’t even know the half of it! Yet the greatest miracle He ever does is to forgive our sin. Your children and volunteers will understand the steps of repentance before God and before others. Learning how to tell God you are sorry helps children grow past guilt (which is a healthy emotion) and into freedom. Learning how to tell others you are sorry creates the foundation for healthy relationships that are desperately needed as children grow into adolescence and into adulthood.

Our combo-holiday series “So Thankful” and “Real Christmas” ensures Jesus is not lost this holiday season. Teaching children to have thankful and grateful hearts is the perfect way to launch into Christmas. “Real Christmas” asks the question “What you celebrating?” There is a lot of fun to be had at Christmastime and many things to celebrate. People celebrate family, friends, fun stories, parties and decorations. People even celebrate “giving.” The Bible says there is only one way to truly celebrate Christmas and that is to celebrate Jesus Christ. Then we give children and volunteers four steps on how to really celebrate Christmas this year.

Offering the only series of its kind “God Saves” hits the peaks of the Old Testament taking children from the Cross to Creation in just ten weeks. “God Saves” must end on Easter Sunday and the series in taught in a cyclical motion with constant review and repetition. We promise you will know and understand the complexities of the Old Testament like never before. Even our best volunteers said “I didn’t know that’s how it fit together.” Making the Old Testament make sense, working with the intellectual value of Scripture and keeping the application strong all within ten weeks will blow your mind and you will love it, too.

What is God’s will for your life? Why is the question so complicated? Probably because we have made it that way but God’s Word is clear. God has a good work and will to do in each of us and it’s not always pretty and it’s not always easy. Children and volunteers will work through eight stories from both the Old and New Testaments when we see God’s “Messy Work” in His people for His good work and will. Children will get to work in the Word at home through Philippians 2:12-16 – another great word by word study and memorization.

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[mk_toggle title=”Grade School 50 minute Press Play Video” icon=”mk-icon-plus-square-o”]
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  • Pre-service Walk in Music/Queue
  • 2 Minute Countdown
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse Activity
  • Game Time
  • Bookmark Bibles
  • Video Skit (showing us who God is not)
  • Word Transition
  • Countdown to Worship
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words)
  • Scripture Animation Video
  • Story of the Week Video
  • What’s Happening?/Closing

[mk_toggle title=”Preschool 25 Minute Press Play Interactive Video” icon=”mk-icon-plus-square-o”]
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  • Walk in Music
  • Stretch/Game Time
  • Story Room Song
  • Story Bumper
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse
  • 10 Second Countdown
  • Scripture Animation
  • Story Time (live story teller using specific story points)
  • Closing Application
  • Word Transition
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words
  • Dismissal (God Is graphic) 1:30

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  • Adapted for preschool plus a few additional songs
  • Worship motions provided with a secret link
  • Three song set list embedded into press play file

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  • Preparing for Ministry
  • Ideologies of Biblical Children’s Minisitry
  • Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Schedules
  • How to Use the ME Tool
  • General Preschool Ministry
  • Preschool Story Room
  • Preschool Application Stations
  • General Grade School Ministry
  • Grade School Application Stations
  • How to Deliver a Successful Grade School Large Group
  • How to Develop a Purposeful Play System


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Click on the words below to get a small sample of how we use a simple word to teach children the character of God


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A Few Tips


  • Check out series summaries at Share with your families.
  • Use for video training that you can share with your volunteer team.
  • Check your USBs for Volunteer Training Playbook.
  • Protect your USBs! Download to a back up copy.

*This product is tailored for a specific year and is designed for a one time use.