Blue Year Three 2019


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[mk_toggle title=”Grade School 50 minute Press Play Video” icon=”mk-icon-plus-square-o”]
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  • Pre-service Walk in Music/Queue
  • 2 Minute Countdown
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse Activity
  • Game Time
  • Bookmark Bibles
  • Video Skit (showing us who God is not)
  • Word Transition
  • Countdown to Worship
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words)
  • Scripture Animation Video
  • Story of the Week Video
  • What’s Happening?/Closing

[mk_toggle title=”Preschool 25 Minute Press Play Interactive Video” icon=”mk-icon-plus-square-o”]
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  • Walk in Music
  • Stretch/Game Time
  • Story Room Song
  • Story Bumper
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse
  • 10 Second Countdown
  • Scripture Animation
  • Story Time (live story teller using specific story points)
  • Closing Application
  • Word Transition
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words
  • Dismissal (God Is graphic) 1:30

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  • Adapted for preschool plus a few additional songs
  • Worship motions provided with a secret link
  • Three song set list embedded into press play file

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  • Preparing for Ministry
  • Ideologies of Biblical Children’s Minisitry
  • Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Schedules
  • How to Use the ME Tool
  • General Preschool Ministry
  • Preschool Story Room
  • Preschool Application Stations
  • General Grade School Ministry
  • Grade School Application Stations
  • How to Deliver a Successful Grade School Large Group
  • How to Develop a Purposeful Play System


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Click on the words below to get a small sample of how we use a simple word to teach children the character of God



New Words Coming Soon

*This product is tailored for a specific year and is designed for a one time use.