Blue Year Two 2018


As your second year brings you nine series of words about who God is, we change it up right in the middle with a fantastic series “Dangerous Journey”. We tell children the truth. The Christian life is hard. God wants our hearts and when He has our hearts, we see the fruit in obedience. If we don’t have a child’s heart we will lose them through adolescents. Through dangerous journeys found both in the Old and New Testaments, we see God’s and love. At home, children take a deep dive into a word by word study in Psalm 1 during the week with their family.


Grade School 50 minute Press Play Video

  • Pre-service Walk in Music/Queue
  • 2 Minute Countdown
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse Activity
  • Game Time
  • Bookmark Bibles
  • Video Skit (showing us who God is not)
  • Word Transition
  • Countdown to Worship
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words)
  • Scripture Animation Video
  • Story of the Week Video
  • What’s Happening?/Closing

Preschool 25 Minute Press Play Interactive Video

  • Walk in Music
  • Stretch/Game Time
  • Story Room Song
  • Story Bumper
  • Word Transition
  • Memory Verse
  • 10 Second Countdown
  • Scripture Animation
  • Story Time (live story teller using specific story points)
  • Closing Application
  • Word Transition
  • Worship (three songs embedded with words
  • Dismissal (God Is graphic) 1:30

Worship with Vertical Church Band

  • Adapted for preschool plus a few additional songs
  • Worship motions provided with a secret link
  • Three song set list embedded into press play file

Volunteer Playbook

  • Preparing for Ministry
  • Ideologies of Biblical Children’s Minisitry
  • Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Schedules
  • How to Use the ME Tool
  • General Preschool Ministry
  • Preschool Story Room
  • Preschool Application Stations
  • General Grade School Ministry
  • Grade School Application Stations
  • How to Deliver a Successful Grade School Large Group
  • How to Develop a Purposeful Play System

Samples of Ministry Experience Tool and Take-home Devotionals

Click on the words below to get a small sample of how we use a simple word to teach children the character of God


God is jealous. He wants all of you.


God is gentle. Both wise and tender.


God is good. Be thankful.


God is humble. Take the journey.

Dangerous Journey

Let’s be careful out there!


God is savior. He changed the world in 48 days.


God is near. It feels good.


God is gospel. It’s really good news!


God is sovereign. He knows and makes right.


God is grace. That’s enough.
*This product is tailored for a specific year and is designed for a one time use.

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