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You’re going to read about two boys – Timothy and Jack. Maybe you’re like Timothy – quiet but confident. Or maybe you’re more like Jack – loud but insecure. Even if you’re not like either of them, I bet you know people like them and you wish you could be a better friend to them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell others that you believe the Bible is true. This book will help you do that. Sometimes it’s hard to share Jesus with someone who is hurting. This book will help you do that too. I hope you read it 100 times and when someone tells you, “The Bible isn’t true,” you’ll know how to answer. I’ll be praying for you.


You’re going to read about a little girl named Amanda but her family calls her Panda. Maybe you’re like Panda and sometimes you feel a little lost. This story will help you believe the Bible is true and God is never too busy for you – or anyone. I hope you read this story 100 times and when you feel like God doesn’t hear you or know your name, you’ll know He truly does – even if you are a little kid.


We believe more people would give if they just knew how easy it is, how much fun it is, and how giving changes our hearts. In this delightful, playful story, you will meet a sweet man named Walter. He has four friends. Four real, good friends. And they help Walter in the most gentle way learn to give away what he has – which is what each of us have… talent, time, treasure and testimony. Old Man Walter Found His Heart also helps us learn how to speak to each other. In the most specific ways, we see modeled for us how friends should speak to each other when they want to help a friend do the right thing. Johnnie, Freddie, Esther and Pete, Walter’s four friends, also show us how to love and care for someone who is a little different. We all don’t have to be the same to be friends.

Each chapter contains a few questions to help you lead your family in giving. Learn as a family how to give and help your child grow in what the Lord has entrusted to them. We hope you enjoy this story dedicated to the men and women who keep our floors clean, set up tables and chairs, and clean the bathrooms making ministry happen everywhere.