Quick Trains [Volunteer Training Saturation]

Quick Trains [Volunteer Training Saturation]

Everyone, even students, are Quick Trained.

Feeling frustrated one summer, knowing that a single annual training meeting would not communicate everything I wanted for ministry, my husband pointed me to a military training system he took to the airline industry that I soon adapted for ministry.

Quick Trains.

When implemented correctly in its purest form, the quick train process gives a new volunteer a super quick 10 minutes or less training every time they serve, repeating the same information again and again. The trainer should be a volunteer who needs to review the information as well. The veteran volunteer is training the new volunteer on standard, documented material again and again. Now “the play” is protected. The veteran volunteer is re-energized. The new volunteer is quickly assimilating into the ministry, feeling confident. Our classrooms are better staffed with competent people. Everyone, even students, is Quick Trained.

How the files are set up:
• Each position has two parts: Basic & Ministry.
• The Basic information should be the same. (You may want two different versions if you have more than one ministry area like we do. In Elgin, we do ministry in two different buildings.)
• The Ministry information side is more specific for the position. In previous posts you have been able to download and edit the PDFs for your ministry so you should already have these.
• We print Basic & Ministry on the same paper, two sides, and then the initialing forms on the same paper, two sides.
• Each Quick Train completed, the trainer and the trainee initial.
• The training progress for each individual can be maintained in a data app, Excel spreadsheet or just file hard copies in a safe place. These are all legitimate legal processes that ensure you have done the training. Proper training documentation protects your church and you should consult with your legal counsel to make sure they approve this process on your behalf.

Download the workbook here.