Simple Reminders [Volunteer Training Saturation]

Simple Reminders [Volunteer Training Saturation]

Training Bulletins (TBs) are another very simple way to help remind people of standard practices.

We have four different aged ministry areas here at Harvest: Nursery, Preschool, Grade School, and Special Needs. When I think through topics for TBs, I choose topics that affect all four areas of ministry. This keeps all my volunteers engaged in the process. We have processed hundreds and hundreds of training tips into these short forms of communication.

Not only does this help remind our volunteers in short form, it allows us to track who has engaged in the process because the volunteer must log in to complete the training, and there is an automatic record of engagement.

These two benefits are enough to make TBs a worthwhile means of tracking who has completed the training. In addition to this, on a monthly basis a weekday volunteer updates our volunteers’ nametags with a sticker on the back corresponding to the TB sessions they have completed. This gives volunteers a visible reminder of what they have done, or need to do. We order small stickers that we can only find online at I’m not going to link them because links expire so quickly.

Link to three examples.

Two little hints here.

#1: The best way to write a TB is to copy and paste from your procedure manual. It keeps everything being said the same way.

#2: Release a new TB the first Thursday of every month and send it out every week.