Can we use our own live upfront teacher?

Yes and yes.  In preschool, the teaching is done by a live upfront teacher as part of the story room time. The story is then reinforced in the classroom. In grade school, the video story is strategically placed at the end of the large group time so the video can be seamlessly paused if you choose not to use the video teaching.


What if I want to use my own worship selection in preschool?

Preschool worship is strategically placed at the end of the preschool story room time so if you prefer other worship music, the video file can be seamlessly paused and your worship preference inserted.


What is on provided on the USB?

Each series arrives on a USB. This USB contains everything you need for weekend ministry (except coloring sheets). We suggest you transfer files to your desktop for backup and purchase an extra USB to use in preschool.  You should prep for the entire month and preview all press play files.


Is there an order to the words sequence?

No, except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. You can choose how to use them in whatever order you like. We make several suggestions such as taking a break from Pastor Will every three months and using a different video personality or style instead such as Mercy, Gospel or Trinity.


Can I edit the Ministry Experience Tool?

Yes. We provide a Word Doc and you are free to “save as” to your drive, cut pages and only provide what you want your volunteers to see.


Why do you repeat instructions several times?

We repeat instructions due to the nature of ministry. Many people do not volunteer every week and they are not able to spend time preparing more than ten minutes  before they serve.  Therefore the Tool is written in a way that can be used with minimal prep and many      reminders.  We also know the nature of ministry is such that a staff person, vocational or volunteer, does not have an enormous amount of time to figure out what needs to be copied.  Therefore, anything someone needs is noted on the table of contents with a letter and color and contained in their age/grade specific application station.


Why do we tell the story so many times?

We have learned over many years and hundreds of weekends of ministry that the most effective means of recollection is repetition in multiple methods.


Why do you tell me exactly what to say?

Some volunteers find speaking with children intimidating so we made it easy and tell them what to say.  They don’t have to say it exactly the way we write it.


Why do you provide the answers?

We provide the answers so anyone of any level of spiritual maturity and biblical knowledge can serve in your classrooms.


Why do you sometimes call volunteers ‘volunteers’ and other times ‘leaders’?

We call people who serve ‘volunteers’ when referring to how you relate to them as staff. We call people who serve in classrooms “leaders” when referring to how children relate to them.


Why is the TOOL so age/grade specific?

You are free to use the age/grade that best suits your ministry. The curriculum was created to give you as many options as possible even with minor adjustments so that each age/grade can experience the best ministry possible and the volunteer/staff is not trying to adapt as they go.


Why are there so many activities in such a small amount of time?

We think it’s better to have more to do than not enough to do.  Our ministry is designed for seven very different size campuses for a multi-site church. Each campus’ facility and attendance looks differently.  This has helped us create an adaptable experience for anyone.


Why are there three worship songs?

After testing worship with children we believe three songs is the perfect amount that keeps children engaged.

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