Training Meetings [Volunteer Training Saturation]

Training Meetings [Volunteer Training Saturation]


Sitting in a room and just listening to information for hours never yields a positive outcome when it comes to volunteer training. Likewise, those little 10-20 minutes talks are too short for Children’s Ministry.

So I devised a children’s ministry training meeting that works. Of course I don’t call them Training Meetings. I call them PKMs. Practicing Kids Ministry.

I’m going to include my cover of a PKM. You can totally use my idea and copy everything, but please don’t call it a PKM.

Here are 10 steps to a great training meeting:
1. We invite all our volunteers to a three-hour meeting and about 300 come. That’s amazing.
2. In preparation, I meet with my team and they tell me what our volunteers need to learn to be best-equipped saints for ministry.
3. I then survey my volunteers asking for questions they have.
4. After that I create workshops in 30-ish-minute increments on all topics. Our subject matter expert volunteers, a member of staff or a guest speaker leads the workshops. Make sure you leave time for them to transition.
5. Everyone needs to register to attend. We provide childcare.
6. The day of, we label each workbook with the volunteer’s name. We check off a customized schedule for each person based on what we think is best for them.
7. When they check in, they get a workbook with a cover. (That’s at the end of blog. No cheating. Read the whole post please.) Each one has the volunteer name.
8. I feed them super fun gourmet kid food made by my dear friend Linda Pupich. Buffet style.
9. I speak for 20 minutes, inspirational content. Then I explain the workbook and the schedule then dismiss everyone to their workshops.
10. We end the night with a 15-minute prayer and closing.