In training saturation, Volunteer Huddles are the final stop-gap. If everything else fails, you have this one last opportunity to look your volunteers in the eyes and ask them to take that hill with you. There is something about the human connection. There is something special that happens when we stand in a circle and call out to the Lord for the lives of children, and ask for a special touch from the Lord on the lives of the people standing with you.

This is a volunteer huddle. You can hear all the details in my video this week but here’s what not to do:
1. Don’t ask for prayer requests. Your sweet first grade volunteer may go on and on about her super private medical condition. I love her, but we only have 3-5 minutes and it makes some uncomfortable.
2. Don’t read word for word from the Tool. Highlight directions and locations. Give the nail. Cheer for it. But don’t read. Everyone can read.
3. Don’t preach. They are here for information and inspiration.

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