Weekly Serving Reminder [Volunteer Training Saturation]

Weekly Serving Reminder [Volunteer Training Saturation]


Yes, I know. My volunteers don’t read emails either. In January 2017, I actually wrote into an agreement that they had to agree to start reading emails. Despite the many emails that go unread, our volunteers are beautiful and faithful, and I love them so much.

Once a week around Wednesday, for sure not any sooner, my volunteer coordinator Debbie sends out our serving reminder. It is a body of information in an email, with hyperlinks to different things. The first half is always fresh and new. The second half is repetitive. Attached is the adapted tool for that weekend.

Writing the Serving Reminder may seem overwhelming initially, but after you have practice you can really spend your time writing something sweet from your heart to your team. They are really precious and entrusted to do the work of ministry, on the front lines of the battle. It’s nice to take a few minutes during the week to encourage them, and to let them know your value their partnership.

You can probably look through many of my links to see exactly what I’m talking about. I will talk more about Training Bulletins in an upcoming post.

Samples of my serving reminders:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3